Seeking a New Idea? Try a Treat That Sells Itself

Tired of selling subscriptions to raise money? This year try an idea that really pops! We’ve helped groups, students, and sports teams turn up the volume on their fundraising. Our flavorful array of fun, colorful popcorn has instant appeal to every age and palate. We’ll even make popcorn in your team colors for an extra-tempting way to rake in the green!

We provide an order form to assist your organization with order taking and collection of money. Once your fundraising activities are completed, simply email us a total count of each flavor sold and we will send you an invoice. Delivery is generally completed within 2 weeks from receipt of payment. Another option is for you to purchase our popcorn in cases of 24 bags (mix up to 4 flavors per case). This is a great option if you want to sell our popcorn at special events or use this method to encourage people to place orders after having an opportunity to try our popcorn first.

Please note that we do not accept returned, unsold popcorn. The only time that we are unable to fulfill fundraising events is between Thanksgiving and Christmas — our busiest time of year! The best part is your rate of return! Our sweet and savory bags sell for $5.00, while our chocolate bags sell for $6.50. Your organization keeps $2.50 for every sweet and savory bag sold, and $3.00 for every chocolate bag sold.