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Our Apple Pie popcorn is very good all by itself, but drizzled with white is insanely delicious! Bacon flavored popcorn with a chocolate drizzle covering...enough said! Candy Cane popcorn covered in chocolate - just like a chocolate peppermint stick!
Our most popular chocolate selection year after year! We've taken our crunchy caramel popcorn, covered it in melted chocolate and then sprinkled sea salt over it - absolutely addictive! Pumpkin popcorn with a delicious chocolate glaze!

Our first attempt at Peppermint Bark was a hit! Peppermint popcorn covered in a velvety, rich, white chocolate glaze!
We took our Marshmallow Krispy Treat and covered it in melted chocolate, then sprinkled graham cracker crumbs all over it! Harvest Cranberry popcorn covered in a creamy, rich, white chocolate glaze!