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Apple Pie a la mode Chocolate Bacon Chocolate Candy Cane
Our Apple Pie popcorn is very good all by itself, but drizzled with white is insanely delicious! Bacon flavored popcorn with a chocolate drizzle covering...enough said! Candy Cane popcorn covered in chocolate - just like a chocolate peppermint stick!
Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt Glazed Pumpkin Donut Peppermint Bark
Our most popular chocolate selection year after year! We've taken our crunchy caramel popcorn, covered it in melted chocolate and then sprinkled sea salt over it - absolutely addictive! Pumpkin popcorn with a delicious chocolate glaze!

Our first attempt at Peppermint Bark was a hit! Peppermint popcorn covered in a velvety, rich, white chocolate glaze!
S'mores White Chocolate Cranberry
We took our Marshmallow Krispy Treat and covered it in melted chocolate, then sprinkled graham cracker crumbs all over it! Harvest Cranberry popcorn covered in a creamy, rich, white chocolate glaze!