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Our Apple Pie popcorn is very good all by itself, but drizzled with white is insanely delicious! A special treat for all who have been naughty in 2015! These are our event sized bags (2 cups ea.), filled with "black coal" - actually yummy black colored kettle korn! Perfect as a stocking stuffer or party favor!
One of the only ways to enjoy a deep, black licorice taste with a crunch! If you like black licorice this will blow you away!
Our Blue Cheese popcorn is fantastic by itself, but order some of our Buffalo Wing popcorn to go with it, and it really finds its place in your heart! This is our "mild" Buffalo Wing popcorn. "Mild" simply because it packs less of a kick than our X X Buffalo Wing, but it still kicks!! Order a bag of our Blue Cheese popcorn to cut the heat. All of the flavor that our original Buffalo Wing popcorn has, we just added a bit more kick to this X X version!
Our Caramel popcorn stands out among the world's best! The deep flavor and light crunch will satisfy the most discerning palate. A classic New England Fall flavor!
Cheddar popcorn reminds us of those addictive cheese puffs that you just can't stop eating...your fingers will even look like a piece of cheddar cheese when you finish!
Bacon flavored popcorn with a chocolate drizzle covering...enough said! Candy Cane popcorn covered in chocolate - just like a chocolate peppermint stick!
Our most popular chocolate selection year after year! We've taken our crunchy caramel popcorn, covered it in melted chocolate and then sprinkled sea salt over it - absolutely addictive!
Five of our most popular chocolate flavors. Flavors vary seasonally.
Five of our most popular flavors:
Salt & Vinegar, Blue Cheese, Buffalo Wing, Maine Maple, Key Lime Pie
Cotton Candy is consistently the most popular flavor of popcorn among kids.
Our Dill Pickle popcorn is vinegar based, but has all of the garlic and herb taste of a great, sour pickle!

Just as good as what you pour in a glass!

Five of our fun flavors:
Pucker Patch (Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Watermelon), Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Marshmallow Krispy Treat, New England Berries.
Pumpkin popcorn with a delicious chocolate glaze!

Our Kettle Korn popcorn is not made in an oil filled kettle, so we spell it a little differently. However, it has an incredible flavor and is one of our crunchiest! Our Key Lime Pie popcorn is a classic...straight from the Florida Keys!
This is one of our all-time best sellers. If you are buying for someone else and are not sure what flavors to choose, this is a very good choice. Sweet maple dusting at first, then a nice touch of lightly spicy sriracha. Our Marshmallow Krispy Treat tastes just like the "other" krispy treats, only we make ours with popcorn...obviously!
An incredible mix of Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry popcorn. This is one of our core flavors and is a great gift choice! Our Old Fashioned Butter popcorn is surprisingly much better than what the movies serve! This is one of our newest creations, and is as delicious as it is simple! With just the right amount of olive oil and sea salt, this is quickly becoming one of our staple popcorns.
parmesan garlic popcorn
A tasty Fall mix - Orange and Cranberry complement each other perfectly! Our Parmesan Garlic popcorn has been a favorite since day one, with just the right proportion of cheese and roasted garlic! Our first attempt at Peppermint Bark was a hit! Peppermint popcorn covered in a velvety, rich, white chocolate glaze!